20 Happy Pakistan Independence Wishes-Quotes


Happy Pakistan Independence Day Wishes: 14th August is the National Holiday in Pakistan because on this day we got freedom from the ruthless rulers. 14th August is the Independence Day of Pakistan. People celebrate it with full energy and organize festivals and seminars all over Pakistan. We have arranged Pakistan Independence Day Wishes of Famous People for you to get inspiration. O people decorate their home with Pakistan Flag and Jhandiyan to make their home looks good.  And people gathered in commonplace on 12th, 13th August to decide how to celebrate this day and make it more memorable. People usually send Wishes, Quotes, and Messages about 14th August to each other and we have listed some 14th August Pakistan Independence Day Wishes and Quotes for you.

Pakistan Independence Day Quotes



  1. “In Pakistan lies our deliverance, defense, and honor. In our solidarity, unity and discipline lie the strength, power, and sanction behind us to carry on this fight successfully. No sacrifice should be considered too great. We shall never accept any future constitution on the basis of a united India.”
  2. “We do not demand Pakistan simply to have a piece of land but we want a laboratory where we could experiment on Islamic principles”
  3. It has not been simple. It has been A Road filled with holes, But with the Unity, We Showed Towards each other We Actually say Thank all of you.
  4. Some Like Sunday,
    Some like Monday,
    Be that as it may,
    i like One Day, that is Independence Day
  5. We think supporting and doing right means the genuine Independence and opportunity, be joined together, be Pakistani furthermore, contribute for better and more grounded Pakistan. Happy 14th August.
  6. “Now you have to stand guard over the development and maintenance of Islamic democracy, Islamic social justice and equality of manhood in your own native soil.”
  7. “We are now all Pakistanis. We must develop a sense of patriotism that should galvanize and weld us all into one united and strong nation.”
  8. “Pakistan is proud of her youth, particularly the students, who are nation builders of tomorrow. They must fully equip themselves by discipline, education, and training for the arduous task lying ahead of them.”
  9. Smile is:
    S: Sets you free,
    M: Makes you uncommon,
    I Increases your face esteem,
    L: Lifts up your spirits,
    E: Erases every one of your pressures, Along these lines, please continue favoring Independence Day!!! Cheerful autonomy day.
20 Happy Pakistan Independence Wishes-Quotes
  1. We should Celebrate Freedom by Promoting a Human rights Culture! in which Respect, dignity, and fairness Turned into the code for a living. This will be our part to Satisfy the fantasies of 1947 Happy 14 August!
  2. “Pakistan not only means freedom and independence but Muslim ideology, which has to be preserved which came to us as a precious gift and treasure and which we hope, others will share with us”
  3. “Hindus and Muslims through living in the same town and villages had never been blended into one nation. They were always two separate entities”
  4. Watan Hamara missal Mohabbat ki, Torta hai deewaar nafrat ki,Meri Khush naseebi,Mili zindagi is chaman mein Bhula naSake koi iski khushbo saton janam mein.Happy 14 August!Happy Independence Day!
  5. UnKe HathOoN Me KangaN Thay BuhAt ZaBardAst. .Bolay To. .AdvAnCE ME TuM SaB Ko Mubarak Ho”14 August” HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!
  6. Today we are miles deserted in any case, I wanna reach over the miles besides,  i am thinking about you in an especially extraordinary way Happy INDEPENDENCE DAY.


  1. They Join hands in Hands Gallant Pakistanis all By going along with we stand by apportioning we fall Jashne Azadi Mubarak Allah Bless our country.
  2. Khoon e Dil de K Nekhareen Ge Ryoukh Barg e GulabHum Ne Gulshan kay Tahafaz ke Qasam Khai HayHappy Independence Day.
  3. Azadi ky din aj mare dua hy Allah ap ko Quaid ke aqalIqbal ke shakal,Nehru ki chaalaur gandhi g ky baal dyJashan e azadi mubarak
  4. Bas aik tamanna haibas aik hi hasrat haiis dunya k naqshe prhar simt likha dekhon< aik lafz chmakta sakhushbyou sa mehkta saWo lafz ha “Pakistan” “Happy Independence Day”
  5. Aazaadi Ki Kabhi Shaam Nahi Hone Denge,Shaheedon Ki Kurbani Badnaam Nahi Hone Denge, Bachi Ho Jo 1 Bond Bhi Garam Lahu Ki.Tab Tak PAKISTAN Ka Aanchal Nilaam Nahi Hone Denge.Happy Independence Day!!

14th August is the best day to celebrate freedom and breathe freshly in our homeland air. 14th August Pakistan Independence Day Wishes are very helpful to bring back the memories of 1947 Independence Day. This is our work on Pakistan Independence Day Wishes, Quotes, and Messages. For The History of Independence Day Discover Pakistan Independence Day 1947 History

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